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CME Committee

IMANA’s continuing medical education (CME) committee plans and oversees live CME activities, including courses, conferences, and workshops. The programs this committee oversees are designed to engage learners in interactive learning sessions, provide the most up-to-date information and strategies, and develop or enhance skills that may be applied in clinical practice, research, or teaching. IMANA is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) as a provider of continuing medical education.

Chair: Dr. Ayaz Samadani

Chair: Dr. Labib Syed

Education Committee

IMANA’S education committee provides education addressing three spectrums of health: physical, mental, and spiritual. The committee believes health education is an Islamic matter and that it is an Islamic right to learn and to teach, focusing on topics in which stigma has prevented meaningful conversations from occurring in the community. Webinars, workshops, and seminars are provided by this committee on various topics such as women’s health and chronic disease.

Chair: Dr. Amber Khan

Dr Marium Husain

Vice Chair: Dr. Marium Husain

Students and Residents Committee

IMANA’s students and residents committee is dedicated to providing a forum for students to communicate with each other and IMANA physicians to shape the future of medicine. At a local level, IMANA student members are actively involved in their city’s IMANA chapter and offer various resources and networking opportunities. At an international level, IMANA will offer a mentorship program, where IMGs can connect with physicians and other medical providers who can offer guidance as they seek training opportunities.

Dr Anam Tariq

Chair: Dr. Anam Tariq

Dr Marium Husain

Vice Chair: Waqas Haque

IMR Committee

The IMANA Medical Relief (IMR) committee is dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through disaster response, provision of basic health care to underserved communities, development programs, and knowledge transfer. It oversees missions that have provided timely and effective aid for the sick and injured in several countries. IMR has established hospitals, basic health units, clinics and collaborative projects that take care of the poor and needy around the world.

Dr Ismail Mehr

Chair: Dr. Ismail Mehr

Dr Imran Qureshi

Vice Chair: Dr. Imran Qureshi

Finance Committee

IMANA’s finance committee provides fiscal oversight for the organization, including budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. This focus ensures the success of programs, to meet the proposed annual budget, and to work cooperatively with the managing director and treasurer in accounting.
Dr Anam Tariq

Chair: Dr. Anam Tariq

Dr Marium Husain

Vice Chair: Dr. Marium Husain

Governance Committee

IMANA’s governance committee oversees recruiting and interviewing candidates for board directorship and making recommendations to the board. The committee creates a pipeline of qualified board candidates to fill board director vacancies as a part of succession planning, which supports best practices for boards. Along with board development, this committee monitors governance and compliance issues, such as conducting annual meetings and audits and filing the appropriate paperwork with state authorities, as well as making reports and recommendations to the board on new and evolving compliance matters.

Dr Imran Qureshi

Chair: Dr. Imran Qureshi

Dr Nabile Safdar

Vice Chair: Dr. Nabile Safdar

Marketing Committee

IMANA’s board marketing committee ensures ongoing, high-quality marketing to cultivate useful relationships among key groups of stakeholders to provide sufficient value to and get sufficient value from each group. The committee obtains information in from those stakeholders (inbound marketing via market research) and provides information out (outbound marketing) to those stakeholders.

Dr Nabile Safdar

Dr. Nabile Safdar

Dr Imran Qureshi
Vice Chair:
Dr. Imran Qureshi
Dr Mohseen Rahman

Vice Chair:
Dr. Mohseen Rahman

Current Issue in Healthcare Committee

This committee will foster discussion, editorial commentary, and sharing of diverse perspectives on current issues in health care. This committee solicits competing viewpoints on issues related to public health, health policy, advocacy, and ethics for broader dissemination through various events and media.

Dr Nabile Safdar

Chair: Dr. Nabile Safdar


The Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) is a registered body of 29 IMAs and 17 associate members worldwide, representing about 50,000 Muslim medical and health professionals. The mission of FIMA is to provide a platform for Muslim physicians worldwide in the areas of medical education and ethics, student camps and humanitarian and medical relief. It is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization.

Dr Parvaiz Malik

Chair: Dr. Parvaiz Malik

Dr Nabile Safdar

Vice Chair: Dr. Labib Syed

Legacy Committee

The legacy committee considers various significant, impactful institution-building efforts which would have an inter-generational impact on the delivery of health care, education, and preservation of history. The committee’s work includes researching and evaluating such opportunities for long-term investment by IMANA.

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