Scholarship Winners

2021 Scholarship Winners

Iman Mahoui

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine

“Alhamdullilah, all praises and thanks be to God. I am grateful and honored to have been awarded the IMANA scholarship, and I am determined to support my community the way it has always uplifted and elevated me.”

Momitul Talukdar

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Pharmacy

“I’d first like to thank Allah, for He has graced me with opportunities that are not of my hand nor any other human hand. I would also like to thank IMANA for this award, it is quite the honor to be receiving this scholarship.”

Basant Sallam

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Dentistry

“I am very grateful for being awarded this generous scholarship! Thank you for believing in my vision of my career. I hope to one day give back to another student through the program just as I was awarded.”

Brian M. Tromp

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Allied Health

“I am incredibly grateful to be chosen as the allied healthcare recipient for the IMANA Scholarship. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support as I begin attaining my doctorate in physical therapy! I would not be here today if it were not for my faith, work ethic and support from family and friends throughout my high school and undergraduate experience. Thank you again for your support in helping me further my education.”

Safi Khattab

Awarded $5,000 in the Field of Medicine

“It’s an honor being a Muslim Arab and receiving a scholarship from an organization such as IMANA. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to become a major part of IMANA as a physician in the future!”

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